31 August 2011

An Invitation

Considering the demographics of this City
of this, its University,
it is felt necessary
make reparations
and thus
ensure a degree of equity
participation and representation
of those
denied their rights
claims to welfare
the ov’rwehleming tide
migration, outlandry and factionalism.

It is deemed fit, then, to
the creation of
The All Delhi University Non-Punjabi, Non-Baniya, Non-Bengali, Delhi Male Students’ Welfare Association

Our agenda shall be to guarantee
equitable representation of our community
in spheres academic, administrative and sportive.
We shall work to secure
those natural rights
denied to us
ov’rbearing oppression of the dominant.

Those part of the elect may join:
to liberty, equity, fraternity!


queenofsheba said...

You do realise that if you remove all these demographics from your oh so ambitious student union, you won't be left with enough people to have one to begin with. Also if you consider the percentage of bengalis baniyas etc (who by the way cannot be put into the same category as one is caste and one is origin state) that constitute the existing student union, then clearly you would be a minority. and then it makes more sense if they chuck you out. it would be better if you made an only kayastha boys union. im sure it would be more fulfilling when you're busy satisfying yourself with a greek comedy at the meetings alone.

AP said...

Dear me, we seem to know each other! Oh, for online pseudonyms!

But still, why so serious? And so consistent - why can't I conflate caste and region (and class too, for that matter). One's doing so doesn't necessarily show that one isn't aware of the differences - and to think that it does necessarily is slightly presumptious, eh?

And finally, of course I know what you say is true. People who would qualify for this union would be a minority, hence the need for a union to safeguard their interests. :P